Contemporary Romance

All Reina's contemporary romance is sweet/clean (mild kissing and occasional adult language or innuendo. Certain Sure is the only book with off-page sex, and does not need to be read to follow the rest of the series.)

Lovestruck Billionaires

Get whisked away on a sweet, romantic European vacation! When love strikes, these billionaires must risk their most valuable assets--their hearts.

California Fairy Tales Series

Sweet modern-day fairy tale re-tellings featuring feisty heroines and dedicated heroes who find love--with the help of some unlikely, and unmagical, fairy godpeople.

Rancho Valle: Jane Austen in California

Take an Austenesque trip to California! Love finds the residents of Rancho Valle, a small "country village" in the heart of modern Sonoma County where hearts are as gold as the California hills, and people care for each other--with a little gossip from the town vines and meddling from the Firehouse Diner's Roosters to help things along. 
These four stories are short, sweet, and just right for a cozy afternoon with your favorite beverage--and one of the recipes from Rancho Valle, like Mrs. Bates's Peach Cobbler.